Rig Dimensions


The following abbreviations are often used to describe various measurements on a sailboat. Precise technical definitions exist for each abbreviation, but the following is a list of simple descriptions.

LOALength Overall - overall tip-to-tip length of the boat
LWLLength Waterline - length of waterline of the boat
DWLDesign Waterline -theoretical waterline length of boat as opposed to LWL, which is actual waterline length
BMXBeam Maximum - width of the boat at the widest point
BWLBeam Waterline - widest beam of boat at the waterline
IHeight of the foretriangle measured from the top of the highest sheave to the sheerline
I2Height of staysail halyard above deck
JBase of the foretriangle measured from the front of the mast to the intersection of the forestay and deck
J2Base of staysail triangle
PLuff length of the mainsail
EFoot length of the mainsail
LPShortest distance from headstay to the clew of the jib
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