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Low-friction Carbo Air® blocks are lightweight, strong, reliable—and affordable. Companions to the popular Harken® Black Magic® line, these small, compact blocks have very high working loads for safe, easy trimming no matter how hard the wind blows. Sideplates of high-strength resin are UV-stabilized to provide excellent protection against long-term exposure to saltwater and sun. Carbo blocks are perfect for the small-diameter lines favored by racers.

Carbo Air® Blocks Q&A


Do you offer four-sheave (quad) Carbo blocks?
This question usually comes from owners of beach cats and trimarans who want to increase purchase without resorting to a cascading mainsheet. We offer a four-sheave Carbo block in 40, 57, and 75 mm sizes (26542631, and 2677). We also offer Carbo four-sheave lower mainsheet blocks with cam cleats and auto ratchet (2632 and 2687). The 2619 40 mm version is available with a non-automatic ratchet.

T2 block as becketAre there any T2™ Carbo blocks with beckets?
The becket does not come standard as part of the molded block. However, you can make a becket by passing the line through the mouth of the block and making two becket loops. Detailed instructionscome with your T2.

Do 29 mm and 40 mm Carbo straphead blocks come with beckets?
No, but you can use the center hole in the sheave as a becket point by dead-ending. You can also use this attachment method on single or double standard blocks without a becket.


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